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Success Unlimited is a community of Quotes (created on 25  May 2018) to help you discover mysterious passion and unknown inspiration that you didn’t know were there before.

My Life is Totally changed by quotes. Due to this Power of Quotes, I can work for more than 10 hours a day. So I decided to change the life of all of you. I started the succesunlimited.com for giving you the power of a successful person Quotes.

We aim to make all people successful in their Life – one Click Download quotation and one key individual at a time – in easy-to-read and Watch in the image and Video Format.

We are making this site easy to find any short Quotes that way to success. We are choosing ‘success’ Spelling Wrong in our ‘succesunlimited.com’. Because We are Beliving in success not only achieved by right spelling But It can be also possible using Wrong Spelling. So, Make sure our website Spelling is ‘ S U C C E SU N L I M I T E D. C O M’.

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Why Images & Video?

The world’s wisdom should not be limited to just text, it should be expendable to images and even videos.

There are countless text quotes on the internet and in books already but there are not many images and video quotes.

In this digital day and age, there is no time to make photos stick on the wall so, we give you ready-made well-designed photo Quotes for all of our readers.

How to Use This Community

Success Unlimited allows you enough space and time to indulge deeper into the quotes – through our images and Video quotes – so you can have deeper meditation without feeling like you are in a rush.

We structured our quotes strategically so you can read them from top to bottom like a story and by the time you reach the end of the post, you will feel significantly more knowledgeable, inspired, and/or as if you just have a deep conversation with a friend.

Welcome to the world of image and Video quotations…

Why Success Unlimited Quotes

  • I want you to be inspired.
  • I want you to learn quickly.
  • I want you to know that you are not alone.

That is my goal with this community.

To share quotes with you so you can:

  • Be inspired in times of self-doubt. Sometimes, reading quotes is like having conversations with a friend.
  • Discover mysterious passions that you didn’t know were there before.
  • Be motivated and allow the quotes to speak directly to your situation and act as powerful catalysts with life-changing possibilities.

I first discovered the power of quotes in 2018 when I was absolutely depressed.

Quotes gave me hope.

Today, I still use quotes daily to motivate myself and to learn.

I hope quotes will cultivate your inner being and take deep root in your spirit as much as they did for me.

Our world has enough negativity going on.

I do not care if the web has thousands of quotes websites, I believe in this community because the world needs more positivity.

This is why I did what I do…

Jigar Patel







About Success Unlimited Quotes

succesunlimited.com is about inspiring people through the power of quotes. Quotes are powerful because they have the ability to summarize a life-long lesson in just a few words.

We know our work impacts lives, that is why we take pride in what we do.

Reading a good quote every day can improve a reader’s life hence we work diligently to curate the best quotes for our readers.

I surround myself with quotes because I believe in the power of words. The right person, reading the right quote, at the right time can be life-altering.

Jigar Patel, Founder of Succesunlimited.com

Why We Think Quotes Are Important

Most of us want to learn and gain inspiration quickly.

Quotes matter because not everyone is comfortable reading an entire book just to learn something and definitely not everyone has the time to travel the world to look for inspiration.

Words, in the form of quotes, can help people learn at a much quicker rate. Finding inspiration is also extremely common in the form of quotes so that is why we think Gracious Quotes is crucial.

It is still worth our time and effort to inspire people daily.

How We Curate the Best Quotes

We do not just open a couple of quote websites and copy and paste all the quotes from different sources and title it “101 Quotes to Make You Smile.”

Though, the title isn’t too shabby, what we are focusing on is the quality of our content.

We want our readers to resonate with what they are searching and because of that, relevancy is key.

Succesunlimited.com is structured in a blog format because we believe this can enhance our user experience.

We curate the best content not by focusing on quantity but on the quality of the quotes. We read and study all of our competitors and their quotes and we pick out only the best ones to place into our blog.

It is not a surprise that on some of our posts, we have significantly fewer quotes compared to other websites.

We curate the best quotes by focusing on QUALITY; not quantity.

Why We Love Quotes

Apart from why we think quotes are important…

We love quotes because reading quotes is the easiest way to learn about a person’s Thoughts Process.

Reading an author’s quotes gives us a better understanding of the author’s personality. If we can resonate with the quotes, chances are, we can resonate with the rest of the book.

They are like trailers to a movie except they are shown in words rather than in motions.

We love quotes because they affirm what we believe in.

Sometimes, we crave to have that extra security and reading quotes give us the reassurance that we are in good company.

To sum it up, quotes summarize everything. It saves us time and money.

Interested in working together or just want to say hi? Drop me an email here.

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